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We get Video Game Culture.

Join us as we prepare for our launch in Summer 2018.

About Us

Who Are We?

The Longform is a Baltimore-based media platform for gaming culture and lifestyle, which empowers the diverse and ever-growing community of those who play, create, and love games. 

What is The Longform?

Games are for everyone and we take that to heart.  The Longform is an online publication that will focus on games as a culture.  We are hard at work creating a platform that works for fans and creators alike.  

Since playing and making games has never been more accessible, it only makes sense that the place were you learn, share and talk about them reflects that too.  Whether it's interviews with your favorite personalities and creators, fresh video content that entertains and informs all at once, games news and features focused on video game culture, or a place where you come to learn more about and discuss the games you already love.  The Longform will be the home for all of that and more.

What makes us different?

Finding quality content online is like searching through a thrift store for that rare gem.  The Longform will provide a multimedia content platform to deliver original editorial quality content such as video series, podcasts and longform articles that will focus on the games and the culture that surrounds them.   

In addition we will have a membership program that will allow our fans to support our work while getting several great benefits in return.  This program will allow us to keep in touch with our audience and remain a sustainable platform, enabling us to continue providing quality content far into the future.

If you are interested in learning more about our exciting new platform or want to find out how you can contribute to the cause please feel to contact us (using the form below) or subscribe to our newsletter.


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